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Chargebacks & Disputes

Chargebacks & Paypal Disputes

We are a small business and value your time, purchases and hard earned money. We are real people that strive on making our customers happy, and disputes make business very difficult.

Please reach out to us at: support@printandy.com if you have any problems, or the shipping is taking longer than expected.

With multiple shipping partners and manufacturers all over the world, the times do vary. Unfortunately, we can't control everything, but promise to always do our best.

Our average shipping times are around 2 weeks. International shipping can be 3-5 weeks as transportation can come from airplane or cargo.

Be sure to take advantage of the Order Tracking here >> Track Order | Track My Order from My Shipping Company <<


**Charge Backs & Forced Returns**

Forced returns will be enforced on customers who raise a dispute on Paypal before the estimated arrival is completed despite having the tracking numbers. If the dispute is not dropped within the next 72 hours after tracking information was provided to the customer, we will immediately request a return of product in its original packaging to our warehouse once the customer has received the product. Refund will be processed by Paypal once we confirm the parcel was returned to us with no damage. Tracking numbers have to be sent to our support email at support@printandy.com.